Doctors who major in diagnosing and handling disease conditions or diseases that relate to the heart including blood vessels (also known as the cardiovascular system) are called Cardiologists. In order to be aware of heart disease risk factors and to be informed about steps to take so as to maintaining a better heart health status, you could consider visiting a cardiologist. For many years, there has been shortage of primary care doctors perhaps due to little compensation and necessity to have knowledge on other medical areas as compared to their specialist counterparts.

With recent increase in complex heart disease conditions, it is imperative that you deal with it appropriately. Ideally, your primary care doctor should first diagnose you of a vascular or heart disease before referring you to a cardiologist whose responsibility is to evaluate your symptoms, analyze and make deductions from your medical history after which he or she may recommend various tests to you to confirm accuracy on diagnosis. Then, if your condition can be managed via the use of medicines or other relevant treatments, your cardiologist proceeds with treatment but if otherwise – needing a surgical operation, your cardiologist could decide to refer you to a cardiovascular surgeon (these are specialists in operating the blood vessels, heart and lungs).  Throughout the duration of your treatment, you have to remain under the supervision of your cardiologist regardless of whether you are transferred to another specialist or not.

Cardiology is a specialty that holds so much potential in actively contributing to primary care. Cardiology is a field that is complex, hence, many cardiologists develop expertise in different areas e.g. Pediatric Cardiology and Adult Cardiology. Generally, all cardiologists are in practice referred to as clinical cardiologists and they concentrate on diagnosis, heart related disease prevention and management of medicine use.

With increasing death rates resulting from heart related issues in New York City and Yonkers – being the fourth most populated City in the US, you can be sure that citizens are living presently with risks of a heart disease which could be due to bad diets, minimal exercise or stress. Are you beginning to get worried about the status of your heart? Or do you think you are at risk of a heart disease or stroke? Not to worry, Heart Care PC is at your service 24/7. We offer state of the art primary care and cardiology. We operate and serve patients all around Yonkers and you can contact us for your primary care services or cardiac emergencies.  Cardiac Arrhythmias


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